EU Climate Transition Investing: How two ideas raised hundreds of billions to achieve the Paris Agreement

Forenzelt 3: Energie - Klimaschutz

Sociovestix Labs

Join us for a dynamic panel on EU Climate Transition Investing! This roundtable brings together experts on how to transform our economy in line with the Net Zero 2050 ambition, combining a range of different backgrounds: Academia, Finance, Government, and Activism. We aim to shed light on the different actors and explore the intersection of policy and regulation with financial markets and society at large.

Discussing the EU Climate Benchmarks, we will deep dive into the role of investing in achieving the Paris Agreement. We will touch upon how to assess corporate transitions and the role of EU Taxonomy aligned Capital Expenditure (CapEx).
In this session you will uncover the latest research driving sustainable solutions and trends shaping policy and public perception. The session will feature Q&A from the audience as we try to collectively discover how to best drive systemic change towards a greener, more equitable world.

Don’t miss this insightful dialogue on the defining challenges of our time!

Lara Cuvelier
Campaigner at Reclaim Finance
Steffen Scheuble
CEO at Solactive AG
Dr. Fabiola Schneider
Assistant Professor at University College Dublin
Arnim Emrich
Head of treasury for Baden-WĂŒrttemberg
Prof. Dr. Andreas Hoepner
Professor at University College Dublin (Moderation)